Add an Electrical Outlet in Your Garage Or Work Shop

For those who would like to add an extra electrical outlet in their work shop or garage, here is an easy way to do it. Use PVC conduit. Why go through the hassles of ripping the drywall, pulling the insulation off the wall and drilling holes in the studs? When you can fasten some conduit to the wall and fish the wires through the conduit pipe. Just in case you have never performed a job of this kind before Here is an easy way to do it.

1) Decide where you want to put the outlet and install the outlet box on the wall.

NOTE: Make the new conduit run about 6 inches higher then the existing plug-in. You can use elbows to raise the conduit run.

2) Use a miter box and back saw to cut PVC conduit to length and clean the burrs from the ends.

3) Dry fit the lengths and elbows. Make a mark on both the elbow and lengths, if any.

4) Use a terminal adapter to connect the conduit pipe to the electrical box. Fasten the PVC to the wall.

5) To connect to an existing plug-in, turn off the power to the existing plug-in and just drill a hole through the wall finish. Run an elbow from the PVC length through the wall finish.

6). Cut the nails or screws that fasten the outlet to the stud and pull the electrical outlet box out of the wall and disconnect all wires from the existing plug-in to have excess to the wiring.

7) Use a fish tape to pull the three individual wires (hot, neutral and ground) from the elbow running in wall. (Its a good idea to remove any elbows from the strait lengths before you fish the wires through the strait lengths and then through the elbows before you cement the elbow to the PVC lengths.

8) Connect the existing wires to the new wires with a pig tail and then to the plug-in.

9) Connect the wires to the new out let and fasten the plug-ins to the outlet steel boxes.

10) screw the covers on and turn the circuit on to test the plug-ins.

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